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Reduce costs, improve quality and increase productivity.
A big step forward to reduce project risks.

Hercules Pipe Tools Engineering has an established track record with engineering hydraulic internal line-up clamps and have been market innovation leader for multiple years.

Hercules Pipe Tools Engineering develops innovative hydraulic Internal Line-up clamps for a constant optimal alignment of the pipes in preparation for welding. In sizes from 5 ”to above 56”. Accurate fit-up is critical to pipeline welding engineers, welders, quality controllers and process efficiency.

One specific problem with pneumatic internal line-up clamps has always been the insufficient clamping pressure. The Hercules Red Ram clamps achieve an accurate reliable fit-up alignment, first time right. With thirty times the pressure of pneumatic clamps able to alter out of round pipe to optimize the circular shape. Within client, project and automated welding HiLo tolerance requirements.

Hercules Piping Tools Engineering

Enhance Quality, Safety and Productivity

Hercules Piping Tools Engineering BV is a specialized line up clamp equipment supplier for on- and offshore piping and pipeline applications. We deliver robust innovative powerful clamping solutions to enhance quality, safety and productivity during construction activities.

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Hercules Piping Tools Engineering BV
We are manufacturers of innovative high quality line up equipment for piping and pipeline applications.

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We have an interest in our global network of local representatives in pipeline equipment. Are you a successful supplier to pipeline contractors industry in your region? Click the button to contact us, we want to offer you an exclusive sales and rental agreement for our innovations!


Hercules hydraulic clamps enhance the pipe line-up capabilities and feature:

  • Sufficiently adjustable clamping pressure
  • Accurate alignment geometry within HiLo requirements
  • Efficient pipe line-up with precise alignment
  • Spacing function, open and close the gap till 6mm
  • Higher productivity
  • Support superior pipeline integrity


Fulfils HiLo requirements

Reduces fit-up time

Improves weld quality

No more pipe end sorting

Minimises downtime

Increases productivity


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