Red Ram Clamp

The most powerful and reliable line-up clamp available on the market. Providing the best performance and smooth operation advantages.

Reduce costs, improve quality and increase productivity. A big step forward to reduce project risks.

The Hercules Pipe Tools Innovations are inspired to improve the quality and results

• Optimized pipe alignment and minimized fit-up time.
• Able to alter out of round pipe, 30 times stronger than pneumatic ILCs.
• Improves pipe welding preparation and ensures fewer weld repairs and cut-outs.
• Reach rod free, wireless remote controlled with 200 meter pipe lengths range.
• Compatible with all welding systems, diameter range from 36" to 56"

About Hercules Pipe Tools Engineering

Our clients are pipeline installation contractors and automatic welding equipment suppliers how are focused on safety, quality, and productivity.
Hercules develops in house innovative re-rounding Internal line-up clamps for pipe fit-up process with reliable repeatable alignment dimensions.
Automated welding systems have led to state-of-the-art results and rely on geometry precision.
Line-up is one task of many in the pipeline assembly sequence, but a task where downtime must be prevented to achieve smooth production progress. The Hercules internal line-up clamps have unique features that are able to fit two out of round pipe segments together after the line-up, with substantial enough regulated hydraulic pressure, 30 times the clamping force of standard pneumatic clamps, able to alter the shape of the each pipe end and optimize its circular shape. Reduced out of roundness of the pipe end improves the quality of the weld and ensures fewer weld repairs.

Hercules proven innovations with an impressive track record even under the toughest possible pipeline installation conditions such as -60 ℃ permafrost projects or 24/7 operations are also available for your pipeline installation projects. Imagine what improvement of pipe to pipe fit-up execution can mean for your results. Stay ahead of the game by reducing cost and risk, while at the same time improving weld quality, efficiency and operational performance within estimated budget and schedule.

Provide equipment that perform in the toughest condition

Hi-Lo misalignment

It goes without saying that out of round shapes do not fit together optimally.
Although a pipe appears to be round, no pipe is perfectly round.

Tacking the heavy pipes during storage and transportation also affects the shape before the welding starts.
The degree of out-of-roundness of the supplied pipes is beyond the contractor's control but can have major consequences.
The term misalignment is often used to denote the amount of offset or mismatch across a butt joint between the pipe ends of equal thickness.

As you may recognize from experience, = read more > misalignment is frequently causing delays and welding defects which induce significant additional cost during the construction stage, with operational downtime, weld repair,s or even removal of welds as result.

Actual geometry

Mechanized and automated systems rely on geometry precision control of joint fit-up.

The Hercules hydraulic ILC delivers 30 times the clamping force of standard pneumatic clamps, which pushes high-low out to achieve repeatable correct welding conditions.

Automated welding systems rely on geometry precision

Root pass

The root pass is the first connecting welding pass on a girth weld and is judged to be the most critical weld pass.

Pipe end misalignment could cause a lack of root penetration, burn through, and root undercut.

Repair of root defects may require removal of all weld passes, a costly and time consuming type of repair.

The root pass speed determines the speed with which the pipeline may be constructed. A pipeline spread resembles a moving assembly line.
And delay in the root pass at the front slows down the project.

Client and project requirements.

In addition to welding defects, technically good welds can still be rejected afterwards on the basis of the project or client requirements with acceptance criteria for HiLo misalignment.

Resulting in weld repairs or weld cut outs, that then have to be made again. This clearly indicates why our clients choose for Hercules hydraulic Internal Line-up Clamps to ensure a perfect fit for every pipe length. Preventing setbacks saves a lot of down time costs.

Optimal welding conditions, ensuring fewer repairs and cut-outs

Do you recognize this?

Everything is in order, significant investments in equipment, the best professionals recruited, and proven welding methods are applied, and yet no pipeline construction project is the same.

Although nothing is left to chance, it is not possible to replicate the optimal progress results as in comparable projects.

There is a good chance that the pipes for this project will differ more in shape than the previous project, and fitting two oval steel pipes with tight and strict requirements will be difficult if the equipment does not have sufficient pressure capacity to alter the pipe ends in a similar circular shape.

Verification and discussions of whether the deviation falls within or outside the criteria can be conducted, but the line-up crew must get the job done.

The joint fit-up alignment requirements are strict.
When preparing the weld conditions, the shape and dimensions must meet the requirements to be allowed to start with the first weld pass.

The Line-up process determines the speed with which the pipeline may be constructed.

A pipeline spread resembles a moving assembly line. And delay at the front slows down or even stops the following operation. Hercules develops Hydraulic Line-up Clamps to eliminate these costly setbacks, with 30 times the clamping force of standard pneumatic clamps to ensure smooth progress without downtime due to the Line-up process.

Good people, good equipment, the best results

An experienced project manager told us that good satisfied employees ensure long-term continuity if you can keep them... More production, lower costs, and more work in a shorter time, are common goals.

However, if this is achieved through high work pressure and mental stress, this will be at the expense of the health and work ethic of the employees and the attractiveness for us as an employer for which the people we would like to retain working for us.

In the past, pipeline construction contractors did not pay attention to what is important for employees today. Everyone prefers scheduled working hours and days off, where uncertainty if they can go home for a few days, is the exception rather than the rule. The experienced project manager stated, In my opinion, selecting effective equipment for every job is not only to prevent delays but above all being able to manage the construction progress better and make realistic challenging schedules feasible.

By integrating smart effective innovations there is less stress, people like to continue working with us, well-trained teams will be created and a smooth workflow will increase productivity.

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