Distribution Philosophy

Pipeline installation contractors and welding technology development companies are the end users of Hercules Internal Line-up Clamps. Our distribution partners are pipeline equipment suppliers or rental companies and sales representation agents. We believe in the value of a durable partnership with our agents. We choose our distributors carefully, partly on the experience to provide good after sales and support on-site to assure customer satisfaction. Once selected, we commit ourselves to building up a long term, mutually beneficial relationship, in which both parties participate as equals. We believe that if our partners are doing well, we will do well as a result. Therefore, we want our agents to be successful and we are willing to do our utmost to contribute to their success. We are committed to training, assisting and improving the expertise of our agents, to assure effective technical support and knowledge to inform and advise experienced customers about weld quality and efficiency with improved line-up equipment performance.

If you are interested in the possibilities of distribution or representation partnership to broaden your equipment portfolio, we invite you to click on the distributor application registration contact link below.

Distributor Application Registration