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The Hercules Red Ram Clamp

The Hercules Red Ram Clamp unique feature is that after the line-up, the clamp also fits two out of round pipe segments together.

With substantial enough regulated hydraulic pressure, able to alter the shape of the pipe end and optimize its circular shape and fix the lineal misalignment across a butt joint between the pipe ends. 

The hydraulic power pack and the batteries are built-in, so that it is not connected with cables, hoses or reach rod and controlled with a portable wireless remote control with a range of 200 meters of pipe length. This allows the connection of long lengths of jointed pipes and still have the capacity to drive to the end of the pipe section.

Optional features:

• Space function, the operator can move the clamping rows to open or close the space between the pipe ends till 6mm. Simply set the desired gap spacing distance all around 360 degrees or, if the seam must be closed, put the pipes against each other, after the circular shape of the pipe ends are optimized and keep it closed under adjustable hydraulic pressure.

• Tilt correction, using a gyro sensor the horizontal position is sensed to control correction and helps the clamp stay horizontal if there is tilt while driving. A solution for wireless and reach rod free driving through longer pipe lengths.

• Winter pack, to function well in extremely cold conditions there are a number of modifications proven successful options that have been used for several years till -60C, that we call the winter pack,. Such as use of lithium Ion performance batteries and heated insulated housing for the batteries, electronics and hydraulic reservoir, selection of hydraulic hoses, sealings and wheel trim material of the side drive, brake and guide wheels and a heated cover for the wireless remote control with special display.

• Coppershoes, the Red Ram clamping shoe holders are equipped with mounting points to place Spring-loaded copper shoe conductors.

• Pipe diameter range, the Hercules Red Ram Clamps have a much wider diameter range of application than usual, requiring fewer clamps to handle different diameter pipeline installation projects. From 36 to 42″ or 48″ to 56″ (the 30″ to 36″ version is currently being developed)

• App connection to view status and notifications the Red Ram Clamp can be accessed live remotely via an app to see the operation and technical notification. An option to remotely monitor technical operation or fault reporting. Settings cannot be changed via the app.

• Weather strip to block draught, placing a silicone strip around the clamp section can reduce the air flow around the welding joint which is particularly helpful to creating stable weld conditions for open root applications.

The Hercules Red Master Clamp

The Hercules Red Master Clamp is a powerful internal line up clamp for smaller pipe ranges for on- and offshore pipeline construction from ID 110mm. With excellent capacities to eliminate miss match and precise alignment for small diameter heavy wall pipe. Due to the limited ID space it is a challenge to realize high clamping pressure, required to properly line-up heavy wall and high weight pipe. The solid housing design and material treatment can withstand major forces, especially suitable for S-lay and J-lay systems.

Due to the circumstances in which hoses are connected to ILCs, pneumatic pressure is preferred over hydraulics due to the risk of leakage if hoses are damaged during pipe handling preparation for the Line-up. In order to realize considerable clamping pressure, a closed system in the clamp converts 8 bar / 115 psi pneumatic input pressure up to 40 bar / 580 psi hydraulic clamping pressure within the clamp housing.

Changeable modules.
A copper shoe module or a purge module can be placed in the middle of the clamp between the clamping shoes. The internal purge gas module is equiped with purge dams and purge sampling ports. The expansion of the backing shoes are controlled separately from the clamping shoe expanders after the fit-up.

Optional features.
• Copper backing shoe module.
• Internal purge gas module with purge dams and purge sampling ports.
• Motorize driving module.
• Conversion kits to adjust settings for pipe size and wall thicknesses.
• Stainless contact components.
• Wheel surface material to suite internal coating.
• Emergency a drop fail protection with nitrogen cartridge brake module.
• Internal video camera.

The Red Spider Clamp

The Hercules Red Spider Clamp is a compact Internal Line-up Clamp that is so short it can travel through ≥1,5D elbow bends. Suitable for a variety of connections Pipe-to-Pipe, Pipe-to-Fitting Pipe-to-Elbows or Elbow-to-Elbow. 

The Unique game changing dimensions make it the most agile hydraulic internal clamp with a special property for prefab and plant installation work, capable to fit-up heavy wall pipe. 

The powerful hydraulic clamping force is adjustable for each clamping shoe individual to apply specific pressure where it is needed, able to alter the shape of the heavy wall pipe and optimize its circular shape. 

Each clamping shoe expander is separately adjustable up to 50 bar / 700 PSI.  

An advantage of the internal line-up is that there is no obstruction for the welder due to external clamps, there are fewer interruptions during welding and mechanized welding systems will be suitable for more applications. 

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