Who are we

Hercules is established in 2008 with the objective to design and manufacture the next generation Internal Line-up technology, able to eliminate a frequent confounding streamlining factor in the preparation of welding conditions required for high performance welding systems at front installation assembly methods.

The pipe line-up execution is one job of many, and counts as one of the determining factors to achieve optimal welding quality and pipeline installation efficiency.

In our opinion the development of fit-up equipment lagged behind to meet ever-increasing prescribed automatic welding, customer and project alignment integrity requirements. Hercules’ full focus is on developing and manufacturing hydraulic Internal line-up clamps (ILC) that meet the highest standards of performance, precision and durability without uncertainty whether equipment falls short.

To execute weld preparation alignment precision, ahead of the root pass schedule. Hercules does not offer a total package of pipeline equipment; we do not copy properly functioning equipment that does not require improvements. Hercules focus since its foundation in on line-up equipment where significant improvements were necessary and achieved with a new approach, which bring major benefits to our customers.

Innovation and new optimized functions for globally operating pipeline installation contractors, for whom an accurate fit-up is important for the optimal execution of their advanced external Automatic Welding Systems that rely on geometry precision-controlled pipe to pipe fit-up. Where standard pneumatic clamps often cause progress disruptions and weld repairs due to poor alignment performance the Hercules hydraulic ILC delivers 30 times and adjustable clamping force, able to fit-up out of round pipe segments together after the line-up to achieve repeatable correct welding conditions. Without delays at the front, streamlining welding and assembly operations.

Without uncertainty as to whether the available adjustable pressure falls short of the greatest challenges.

What drives us

After a worldwide search for powerful Internal Line-up Clamps, it became clear that the manufacturers were not able to meet our stated requirements.

Changes were not considered necessary because they had been doing this for decades.

Manufacturers did not innovate, so we had to do it ourselves, not looking back 50 years but seeking improvements to the requirements of today and for decades to come.

Hercules Piping Tools Engineering was established in 2008 to develop the next generation of internal line-up clamps capable of reducing out-of-roundness in modern steels pipe and able fitting them accurately within today’s strict alignment requirements.

Our technology innovation improvements with re-rounding fit-up capability assures to meet weld alignment integrity requirements without compromise.

Future-proof and continuously improved in every detail where possible for performance efficiency, safety and reliability to execute the best weld fit-up to assure less downtime, weld repairs and cutouts.

Arming our customers with the best practices equipment completing weld fit-up correctly and efficiently is important to streamlining the overall welding operation and contributes to project installation efficiency.

Compatible with all external welding systems with an earning capacity improvement from implementation assuring les setback costs and efficiency increase.