Next generation hydraulic Internal line up clamps

Hercules Piping Tools Engineering designs and manufactures a wide range next generation hydraulic Internal Line-up Clamps with the purpose to reduce the out of roundness of the pipe and reduce the line-up time.

Maximum hydraulic pressure

The unique feature of the Hercules Internal line up clamp is the hydraulic pressure can be regulated and is substantial enough to alter the shape of the pipe ends to optimize the circular shape. The state-of-the-art clamps reduce the required line-up time by getting it right first time, improves the quality of line-up and welding process and ensures fewer weld repairs. The maximum hydraulic pressure and the ID diameter expansion range can be set so the clamps are safely used for heavy wall thicknesses pipelines. 

A perfect fit is a must 

Hercules Piping Tools Engineering BV is Dutch innovation developing specialist on hydraulic Internal Line-up tools with the mission to align pipe ends precise, featuring to alter out of round pipe ends into equal circular shape and meet specific automated root pass welding systems, project and client requirements.

The enhanced increased efficiently performance of Hercules Internal Line-up Clamps with unrivalled reliability in the field are compatible with all welding systems and available for rental.



Available for sale and rental.

The Red Ram Clamp™ is a powerful hydraulic line up clamp for the large bore diameter pipes.


The Red Spider Clamp™ is a compact internal hydraulic line up clamp specially designed for piping/
pipeline applications.

The Red Master Clamp™ is a internal line up clamp designed for the smaller pipe ranges for on-
and offshore applications.