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Red Master Clamp

Red Master Hercules Hydraulic Clamp 16The Hercules Red Master Clamp™ is a revolutionary internal hydraulic line up clamp for the smaller pipe ranges for on and offshore applications. The clamp combines pneumatic with hydraulic force which generates excellent capacities for heavy wall thickness pipes. Its solid housing and superb material treatment the clamp can withstand major forces. The clamping force is adjustable up to 44 tons whoch allows a precise alignment of the welding joint. It eliminates any miss match for heavy wall small bore pipes and is especially suitable for s- and j-lay systems. The support rollers have easy acces and less adjustment time by using a centre screw. The red Master Clamp can be expanded with several options such as a drop fail protection module, copper shoes module, motorization module and/ or backing oxygen module.


Specification of the Red Master Clamp™

● Clamping force adjustable up to 22 tons for each expander

● RMC 100 (I.D. 110 – 150mm)

● RMC 350 (I.D. 350 – 480mm)

● RMC 130 (I.D. 140 – 200mm)

● RMC 180 (I.D. 190 – 270mm)

● RMC 250 (I.D. 260 – 360mm)

● RMC 350 (I.D. 350 – 480mm)

● 8 Bar operating air pressure

● Remote controlled by hoses

● Fail safety braking system

● Expandable with various modules



Manufacturer Hercules Piping Tools Engineering BV The Netherlands
Model                             I.D.                  Length
Model Type RedMasterClamp 100   110 – 150mm   3000mm
(Internal Diameter +Dimension in mm) RedMasterClamp 130   140 – 200mm   2800mm
RedMasterClamp 180   190 – 270mm   2000mm
RedMasterClamp 250   260 – 360mm   1800mm
RedMasterClamp 350   350 – 480mm   1600mm
Operating Pressure 8 bar (air)
Expanders 3 up to 8
Max. Force each expander 22 ton
Working Environment Temp -40˚C – 50˚C
Operated Remote controlled by cable and hoses
Optional Backing gas module, Copper shoe module, Driving unit
Quality / Safety CE
Warranty 12 Months
Documentation Supply user and maintenance manuals; Spare part book. All documents in English.

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