The Red Ram Clamp™ is a revolutionary internal line up clamp specially designed for the construction of large bore diameter pipelines. The hydraulic force of the clamp aligns and eliminates Hi-Lo in high strength steel pipes for a perfect setup that is required for todays automatic welding systems. All functions are precisly controllable with a wireless remote including the spacing of the welding gap. Damaged bevels due the apply of spacers belongs to the past.The battery pack is sufficient for twenty non-stop working hours, and can be backed up by a wired transformer which allows working without batteries. The expanders of the Red Ram Clamp are exchangeable for various lenghts so multiple pipe diameters are in the range of only one clamp. Furthermore the clamp can be expanded with copper shoe modules, it is equipped with an emergency break and it is prepared for a heating or cooling pack so the clamp is able to work in the roughest circumstances.Increase productivity and improves quality and safety!


● Powerful internal hydraulic line clamp (2x400tons) able to eliminate Hi-Lo

● Wireless remote control (all functions)

● One clamp for the pipe range 36” – 42” and 48” – 56”

● Hydraulic welding gap adjustment

● 48V Battery pack for 20 working hours

● Self propelled and parking (emergency) brake

● Expandable with copper shoe modules for automatic welding



Manufacturer Hercules Piping Tools Engineering BV The Netherlands
 Model Type Red Ram Clamp 36″ – 42″
 (Internal Diameter in mm) Red Ram Clamp 48″ – 56″
 Power Unit Electrical, Li-ion battery pack 48V
 Max. force 400 ton for each expander row
 Expanders 2 expander rows, each row has 24 expanders
 Slope max. 15%
 Radius on bent pipes 40xD
 Working Environment Temp -40C° –  50C°
 Weight 5600 KG (Red Ram 48″ – 56″)
 Dimension D1160 x L3600 (Red Ram 48″ – 56″)
 Travel Speed 0,1 – 0,4 m/s
 Wheels D310mm polyurethane
 Brakes Polyurethane blocks
 Operate Remote control distance up to 300m
 Optional Copper shoes for automatic welding
 Warranty 12 months
 Documentation Supply user and maintenance manuals; Spare part book. All documents in English