The Hercules Red Spider™ is a compact hydraulic internal line up clamp designed for piping and pipeline applications. Due the modifable height of the expanders the Red Spider™ is able to clamp multiple pipe diameters using only one clamp! Each expander generates up to 50 tons of force to eliminate Hi-Lo in the setup of pipes/ fittings (flange, tee, elbow etc.) The hydraulic pump unit is seperatly connected to the clamp which makes the Red Spider™ highly manoeuvrable. The powerful hydraulics combined with the agile specs of the internal line up clamp allows for instant and precise pipe allignment. Increase productivity and improves quality and safety !


● Powerful compact line up clamp system

● Hydraulic unit 100V – 110V | 220V – 230V 0 – 250 bar

● Remote controlled by cable and hoses

● Up to 50 tons of clamping force for each expander

● One clamp for multiple pipe ranges: 16”- 18” | 20”- 24” | 24”- 32” | 36”- 42”

● Seperate controllable expanders to eliminate Hi-Lo



ManufacturerHercules Piping Tools Engineering BV The Netherlands
Model TypeRed Spider 16”- 18”445 – 515 mm
(Internal Diameter in mm)Red Spider 20”- 24”515 – 585 mm
 Red Spider 24”- 32”560 – 794 mm
 Red Spider 36”- 42”850 – 1040 mm
Power Unit – PressureElectrical 100V – 110V | 220V – 230V, 0 – 250 bar
Expanders2 Expander rows
Max. Force each expander50 tons
Radius elbow≥1,5D based on ANSI wallthickness STD pipe dimensions
Working environmentTemp -40˚C – 50˚C
OperatedRemote controlled by cable and hoses
EquipmentHeath shields, every length cable and hoses available at request
Quality / SafetyCE
Warranty12 Months
DocumentationSupply user and maintenance manuals; Spare part book all documents in English